If you’re here, maybe you are interested in getting to know me and this small sharing space.


I’m not gonna tell you that this blog simply happened to be. Neither that between the day I started seriously thinking about it and the one I decided to make it public, just two months passed by. Beacuse it wouldn’t be true.

When I have a travel ticket in my pocket or when I am just curious about a new destination, everytime I’m thinking about a new trip, the starting point is always the same one: searching for advice and ispiration from who has already been there. I just need to Google it, to lose myself in a multitude of wonderful virtual spaces, where I can live new adventures. These virtual gems always bring my travel experience to the next level and also helped to jam up my >bucket list< !

I have always thought to have something to tell myself too. However it took a lot of time before I decided to take the plunge.


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These blog aims at:

  • Providing information and useful tips, sometimes hard to find on the web, holding high regard for solo female traveling;
  • Sharing experiences adventures and misadventures from my journeys;
  • Promoting responsible travel and respect of visiting places and hosting populations.


The sanskrit root  tRp, stands for “to satisfy yourself”, “to enjoy”. And it sound also like trip.

Going deeper into the research, I found out one of its derivative, tRpti, that could be translated as “fulfillment, gratification, satisfaction. And here the epiphany: that’s how I’d like to name my blog.


Our brain is basically divided into two hemispheres. It seems that the left one is the logical, rational boy, while the right one leaves room for istinct and creativity. The two halves are complementary and indissoluble.

The same thing could be said for travelling: the right mixture of rationality and passion.

You have to pack with great care. Look, there’s a swimming pool in our hotel, let’s take the swimsuit. Do I need that big suitcase for just three days in Tuscany? Wait, I’m checking my emergency kit: pill for stomach ache? Checked. Painkiller for migraine? Checked. Oh, almost forgetting the cream for my dermatits. Every kind of journey, then, requires a variable degree of planning. Even if you feel like Christopher McCandless and after your graduation you decide to leave for two years Into the Wild. There was still a momen when you made the decision, when you chose the date. And you could disagree with me, but this is planning too. Finally, travelling implies resourse management. The budget you can’t exceed, that bottle of water that have to suffice until next petrol station, a part-time job abroad that leaves you only few hours to explore the new place.

This side of travelling is Sense.

Daydreaming about a place. Always looking for hotels on Booking and flights on Skyscanner. Even when you are not seriously planning to go. First time on a plane. This beatroot soup is not that bad. Neither now, 9 o’clock in the morning. Recognizing different italian dialects from other tourists when you are far from Italy. When you feel lost. When you feel like at home.

Traveling, as I mean it, is none other than Sensibility.

For this reason I devoted two of the main sections of my blog respectively to the rational part of travelling, taking up useful information and reviews, and to the emotional part of traveling, the one made of stories, dreams and books.

Sense and sensibility are fundamental also to the care of our planet, a topic that I do have at heart and to which the section  I ♥ EARTH has been created: here you’ll find some tips and tricks that could not only save the Earth, but also our pockets 😉



… like for my >instagram< profile . In those cases, I’m not trying to tell you “go and satisfy yourself”.


It’s just that it’s not only me that I love tha name Tripti, but also a lot of Indian mothers, who gave it to their daughters. And Indians are quite a lot, so you can guess how hard it is to create social profiles and e-mail addresses 😛


…for reading untill this point. But if you have time, I suggest to visit >this page<, to find out who’s behind this keyboard.


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