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Tripti is a personal travel blog where you can find stories and advices based on personal experiences. Although I’m working on every article meticulously by verifying and/or updating every information I have, the content of my blog is not a guarantee of unquestionable accuracy. That’s particular the case of timetables, addresses, contacts, prices and every kind of information likely to change in time.

Honestly, if you would ever take the underground just for a very nice cafeteria in London, that I was mentioning in one of my posts, realizing once there that it’s closed or have been moved… well, it will be a shame. You want to be prepared, ain’t you? So please, when you find something useful or inspiring on my blog, do a small research to make the best travel ecperience!

Moreover, Tripti is not just a one-way communication, but a community of travelers that help eachother. If you would ever find any obsolete information, please drop me a > message < or leave a comment below the post: I’ll update it as soon as possible and together we’ll lend a hand to next reader 😉 .


The texts and images published on are property of the author, except otherwise specified by mentioning sources. If you would ever notice any small oversights and/or unauthorized contents, I kindly ask you to report it to me through the > contact form < or my social media profiles, that you can find on the sidebar on the right (or on the bottom if you’re using mobile devices).

The texts and images of the author can’t be used, shared and/or published without reporting the source, better if a direct link to Moreover, it is forbidden to edit or reproduce even just parts of the texts and images property of the author as well as to use them for commercial purposes.

The author is not responsible for the content of users’ comments. In addition, any comment considered disrespectful, spam, racist or violating privacy rules, will be deleted without notice. The author is not responsible of any website referred in this blog as their content is subject to variations with the passing of time.


What are cookies?

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Which cookies are collected when I’m visiting Tripti?

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P.s: There’s an important disclaimer for my english readers 🙂 I’m not a native speaker, so please be forgiving whether you’ll find any spell or grammar mistake. Also I am always keen to improve my language skills, so feel free to (kindly) report any slip. Thank you ❤️