Artist of the month: Tombobnyc

Artist of the month: Tombobnyc

The tons of movies and TV series made us walk on those street so many times we think we have actually been there. The Satute of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building. We have a lot of reasons to head on the first flight to New York, but today I’d like to give you one more, less known: hunting all the works of Tombobnyc.

The colorful world of Tombobnyc

The first Artist of the month of 2019 is Tom Bob, alias the one that is giving new life to pipes, spotlights, manhole covers and a lot of other things you can randomly find in the Big Apple (and recently also in other places like Dubai and Taiwan).

If you missed the first Artist of the month, the one that is French but lives in Italy and plays with roadsigns, you can find him here.

The works of this artist turn unseen or deteriorated urban elements into colorful characters. And personally, I found them ravishing creative: his Before and After leave me speachless.

From a pipe to a musician with the sax, from a control unit to a worker with a pneaumatic drill, froma manhole cover to a killed fly (but also a pan with eggs) and many more.

To make you understand what I mean, here you are some examples!

All the pictures in this article are taken from the artist Instagram account (you find the link at the bottom). All rights reserved to Tombobnyc.

While waiting to go to New York, you could find Tombobnyc here.Ready to feast your eyes before next Artist of the month meeting?

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2 thoughts on “Artist of the month: Tombobnyc”

  • I had no idea there were such cool murales in NYC! Is more like real art than just a murales. The artist really has a cool way tu turn normal urban things in such a great art! Next time I go to the City I schould keep it in mind and go for a tour just to find them all!

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