Where to sleep in Vilnius – A guide for different budgets (and travelers)

Where to sleep in Vilnius – A guide for different budgets (and travelers)

You’ve just decided to make a Baltic tour. Or you’re curious to admire yourself what is considered one of the brightes Christmas trees in the world. Or simply there’s a new low-cost route from your city to Lithuania and you’re wondering “Why not?” 

Whatever takes you to Vilnius, you’d likely staying there at least one night. And for every journey, either the long or the short one, choosing the accomodation is fundamental.

Since I lived in the Lithuanian capital city for 4 months and came back there several times, I’m here to give you my personal advices to choose where to sleep during your trip to Vilnius.

In this article you’ll find:

  • A general overview of the areas to consider when booking an accomodation in Vilnius
  • Three facilities, personally tested, cathegorized for budget and type of traveler.
Vilnius Old Town street


Vilnius is not a metropolis (counting around 560 000 inhabitants), it’s not that small, though.

Starting with the basic assumption that it depends on the kind of trip you’ re going to make, from your itinerary and your personal needs, here you are the best areas where to look for a place to sleep:

Map of the best areas where to sleep in Vilnius

The area approximately marked by red is the Old Town, Unesco Heritage Site. It is one of the main attractions of the city and of course, like in the majority of the places in the world, the top choice for travelers.

However, it’s not in the pole position of my personal chart. At least, not the whole area. The top one, for me is the area marked by blue. Why?

It is located at the door of the Old Town but also very close to the train and bus stations.

A hotel in the red zone, will be still on a walkable distance, however, being closer to the station will make the difference. The main reasons are two:

  • Weather won’t be always your friend, regardless of the period of the year. Winter are colds and rain can surprise you when less you expect it in summer. It doesn’t mean that there will never be sunny and warm days, but that weather is very unpredictable. As soon as you get to the city from the airport, you will thank the fact you won’t be forced to walk 20 minutes under the rain or to wait for bus or taxi with below zero temperatures.
  • You will soon understand that to visit the Lithuanian capital city, a couple of days will be enough. Thus, you would pop over Trakai, a medieval village among the lakes, or Kaunas, the city where I left a piece of my heart. Moreover, the station is the meeting point of city buses (Vilnius doesn’t have the metro), that will lead you to further sites like the TV Tower.
TwoModel of Vilnius railway station (inside the station itself). Picture from Wikimedia Commons

If the blue and the red zone represent respectively my first and second choice, I marked two more areas in the map (green and yellow).

Naujamiestis is the modern center, a residential neighborhood, the best option for people that are looking for a more quiet and less turistic area, where there are modern and often green hotels and flats.

If you are in Vilnius for a business meeting, you’d probably spend most of your days in the business district, thus the perfect solution could be a hotel in Šnipiškės.


The ones I’m suggesting, are facilities personally and independently tested. And yes, they all are located in the blue zone.


You travel on a budget, or you like meeting new and different people, maybe chatting while planning the itinerary of the day. Or maybe you do both.

In this case, you would be perfectly aware (and if not, you’re going to be) that hostel is your best friend.

I tried several ones in Vilnius, but the best is B&B&B&B&B (yes, with all these B). 

PROs: great quality/price, clean bed linen (and you don’t have to make your bed), modern furniture, lockers with keys, clean bathrooms, young and kind staff.

CONs (if you want to pick holes): it is located over a restaurant and a bar (that both offer discounts for hostel guests), that hosts events and parties especially on weekends. Thus, if you are a light sleeper you have two options: either using ear plugs or get on the floor 🙂 Moreover, there’s no elevator, so be aware of the fact that you’ll go through a couple flights of stairs carrying on whatever you travel with.

AVERAGE PRICE: 9€/night – bed in dorm.

Yes, they have an indoor skate park. Picture from Booking.com


You like getting in touch with the culture of the places you visit by discovering typical houses, chatting with local people (often the same ones who rent you the house), spending hours in the supermarket to find out new products or to see how names of the brands you also have in your country change.

The ideal solutions, in this case, are guesthouses or now also Airbnb. From my experience I can tell that first ones are not so common, while second ones are growing.

What I’m going to reccomend you is to book a loft. Vilnius is continuously renovating and while I was looking for a place to stay for 4 months I got amazed oby the amount of lofts everywhere in the city.

Why? because they all have the same identical structure, no matter where they are: modern furniture, usually black and white, with bathroom and kitchen on a lower level and bedroom on a mezzanine.

I spent few days here.

PROs: Algis, the owner speaks English, is very kind and welcoming; the building has an elevator, the flat has all the essentioal for cooking.

CONs: A small argument happened between me and the owner because he was not able to reach me on phone, but wanted to know the exact time of my departure, (besides I confirmed to leave before the check-out). Thus he entered the loft while I wasn’t there leaving a message on a sticy note. We talked and I believe in his good intentions (he said he knocked at the door several times before entering). Although I explained him that if he didn’t get any answer for me, I wasn’t necessarily out of the flat, but could have been in bed or in shower and suddenly finding him in front of me.

I truly believe it was just a misunderstanding, that doesn’t not negatively affect the whole positive experience I’ve had. However I wanted to tell the story because it can happens anytime anywhere and if it is something that could bother you, you can maybe tell in advance your host that you don’t want to be disturbed during your stay.

AVERAGE PRICE: 40€/night – for 2 people.

Panoramic view of  my stuff around the loft


If you don’t have particualr wallet issues and you give priority to elements like modern furniture, gym, airport shuttle and international breakfast, you will have a lot of options in Vilnius (and generally everywhere).

I personally reccomend the Old Town Trio  where you’ll find all the services above mentioned (some of them upon extra payment like gym and shuttle).

PROs: strategic locations, good breakfast included, modern and clean rooms with courtesy kit.

CONs: I know, I’m always talking about elevators, but I believe it is important for people with mobility issues either temporary or permanent. Thus, no, here there’s any. But you’ll climb just two floors maximum, even when your room is on floor n°3 (Lithuanian count ground floor as first one).

AVERAGE PRICE: 95€/night – double room

The hall of the hotel. Picture from Booking.com


I book the majority of my accomodations onBooking.com
I think it is one of the best platform to find the accomodation we want, where to compare characteristics and prices.

I’m not saying it because they pay me for it (and since I just started the blog, it’s ridicolous), but because I’m always trying to talking about things that I first-hand experienced.

However, if you decide to book your next hotel/flat/hostel using this platform, we could both receive 15€ by using this link.

If you find useful my advices, or you’d like to ask me something, leave a comment, I would really appreciate it 🙂

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